Dislyte Mod Apk v 3.1.1 (Unlimited Money & Gems) 2022

App Name Dislyte
Genre Role Playing
Size 721M
Version 3.1.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Last Updated 7 June 2023 (4 months ago)

Dislyte MOD APK features exciting characters, mysterious locations, and deadly battles in a role-playing game. Players will have the opportunity to experience an outstanding and unique gaming experience in this game provided by LilithGames.

With this game, you will be able to gain divine powers through miracles, and you will learn several interesting things along the way. Defend the world against its greatest enemies from space.

Introduce About Dislyte

At the beginning of the game, a host of extraordinary creatures emerge from space and descend upon the earth’s surface. Cities and lands are captured by these monsters, which threaten the world. Nevertheless, these creators also created a sonic wave when they came into being.

Dislyte Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

Some people experienced unnatural powers after being impacted by these sonic waves. In today’s world, there are people called Espers who are capable of defeating monsters and saving humans.

As you turn from a normal human being to a superhero, the entire game takes a turn. Humanity’s destiny now rests in your hands. Restore humanity’s faith in humanity by creating a shield between humans and monsters. Make a team of heroes and protect the earth in this adventurer’s journey.

Graphics and Sound

There is no doubt that Dislyte has superior graphics compared to similar products from the same genre today. With a colorful 3D graphics platform and rock-inspired design, the game is a lot of fun to play.

The interface and all of the scenes in the game are very technology-fictional, as it is set in the future. When Esper is based on legendary characters from around the world, it also contributes significantly to the experience.

Also, the developer does a great job with the animations of the warriors’ movements. The movements carried out in each battle are beautifully executed, making each fight extremely thrilling. As well as the music, skill development is another factor that adds to the player’s experience with this game.

Attractive Gameplay

Play Dislyte Mod Apk and go on exciting adventures in an interactive and fun game. Throughout the game, you will be able to travel to a variety of different places throughout the world, as well as fight monsters along the way. Choosing powerful heroes is key to winning the battle, as this is a turn-based game.

As part of the game, you will also have to build a team of heroes empowered by different divine powers. Your enemies will be defeated as you make real-time strategies and use skills and wisdom appropriate for the situation.

Mythical Characters

This game features a massive selection of heroes with divine powers that can be awakened. The divine powers of this planet came from God, its creator. Additionally, the game discusses mythologies from Chinese, Greek, northern European, and Egyptian cultures.

Dislyte Mod Apk Latest Version

Have the powers of different gods and unlock all the heroes from other places. Various heroes have distinct appearances, personalities, and abilities throughout the game. Put the heroes through dangerous battles by collecting them all.

Attractive Features

In Dislyte, characters can be developed to their full potential since it is an RPG. Running through every method is the most effective solution as a grueling runner through each mode to increase your Espers’ abilities.

Dislyte Mod Apk Unlimited Money

The resources you collect throughout the game can also be crafted into items that help your characters fight more effectively, including Relics, Breakthroughs, and Resonance items.

Character Upgrade

As well as their essential combat strength as well as their power-ups, Espers are classified into different qualities. An example of a Legendary quality would be an Epic quality or a Rare quality.

Teams of five Espers will oppose players in each battle. Each Esper is selected according to your strategy and your opponent’s team. Every team must have an Esper captain, whose special abilities are only available to characters with legendary and epic skills. As such, each captain gives the team a specific passive ability.

As a starting point, the game follows the famous turn-based mechanic. Due to this, the game includes a functional turn signal bar. Testing can be done based on this bar to determine how the next round will go.

Players may move by clicking first on the enemy and then on the move they want to make. No energy consumption or healing time is associated with the character’s ability. However, if the skills are done, they will be temporarily unavailable to use in the following turns. The 1st skill is free to use, but the 2nd and 3rd skills take two to three turns to continue to use.

Multiple Game Modes

The player, throughout the experience, must complete a series of mainline quests. There is a sub-main version of Dislyte with challenging levels, which makes it stand out from other games of the same genre. Additionally, you will receive valuable gifts after completing the game.

With its various PVP and PVE game modes, including Ranked Warriors, Clans, tower climbing in Spatial Tower, and intense fights in Cube Miracle, Dislyte is one of the best online strategy games.

Mod Features of Dislyte Apk

The official LilithGames app is a modded version of the Dislyte MOD Apk, giving users the freedom to enjoy premium features without spending money.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Use Unlimited Money & Gems to purchase any paid item from the shop. Additionally, you can upgrade your Character with this MOD Money and Gems.

Download Dislyte MOD Apk for Android 2022

A role-playing battle experience, Dislyte Mod Apk lets you gain divine powers, employ unique strategies to fight evil, and sing along to vibrant music. In Dislyte you will experience a sense of belonging as a hero. We invite you to take part in our urban myth war!

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