Travel Center Tycoon MOD Apk v1.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Travel Center Tycoon
App Name Travel Center Tycoon
Genre Simulation
Size 187M
Version 1.5.01
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Last Updated 9 February 2024 (3 months ago)
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Business simulation games can be highly engaging and immersive, drawing in players as they delve deeper into gameplay. Travel Center Tycoon Mod APK is a game in this genre that offers a unique experience. If you want to try something new, consider downloading the game now.

Introduce about Travel Center Tycoon

Wuhan Sonow Technology Co. Ltd. developed the Travel Center Tycoon APK and launched it in 2024. In a short period, the game has gained immense popularity among users and has garnered over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. You can check the game’s 4.4-star rating on the Play Store to gauge the game’s quality.

Travel Center Tycoon is a business simulation game where players start by developing their gas station business. Although the graphics are cartoonish, the game offers unique and enjoyable gameplay that will captivate players. Let’s look at some of the game’s key features.

There are thousands of games available on the Google Play Store. Some of them are Universal Truck Simulator and Bus Simulator Ultimate.

Unique Trucks & Parking

The game features trucks with different designs, and players can use them all. New trucks are unlocked as players progress through the game and earn money by completing levels.

Players must meet specific challenges and criteria to qualify for upgrades and unlock parking lots. The game includes parking lots for industrial trucks and military trucks.

Build Truck Service Facilities

At the start of the game, players own only a gas station and must expand their business by upgrading the gas station and investing in other businesses. Players can build accommodations, truck service stores, and other buildings. By opening parking lots, players can earn money from others’ use of their facilities.

Players can invest in other businesses such as car washes, diners, bathrooms, and convenience stores to provide additional services.

Hire Staff

As players’ businesses grow, they must hire staff to automate operations. Staff members have different prices based on their skills, so players should choose carefully to suit their budget.

The primary advantage of hiring staff is that players’ truck stops and other businesses continue operating even offline. All earnings are automatically stored in the vault for future use in the game.

Players must create a solid plan to increase cash flow and automate their businesses.

Collect Truck Stamps

The game includes unique trucks that periodically visit players’ stops. Players earn a stamp for each truck and accumulate as many as they like. The number of stamps they collect increases their authority in the game and can be used to purchase other in-game items.

MOD Version of Travel Center Tycoon APK

Travel Center Tycoon features a unique business development concept where players must grow their businesses. Starting with a gas station, players earn money to invest in other businesses, which they can automate by hiring staff.

Earning money manually can be slow, and unlocking all the game’s features takes a long time. To help players progress more quickly, we have developed a Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK that offers more features than the original game.

MOD Features

Unlimited Money & Gems: The modded version includes unlimited money and gems that players can use to develop their businesses in the game.

Download Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK for Android 2024

Travel Center Tycoon has gained popularity quickly due to its unique concept and ability to immerse players. The game requires players to develop a business and earn money to invest in other businesses, starting with a gas station and progressing to parking slots, bathrooms, car washes, convenience stores, and more.

Earning money in the game can be challenging, but players can download the MOD version from the link on this page, which includes unlimited money and gems for developing their businesses.

Download Travel Center Tycoon MOD Apk v1.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Download (187M)
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