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What is EDMground?

They say that music connects people, though it is only a figure of speech. If you really want to expand your network and get proper contacts, then EDMground should be your platform of choice. Above all, EDMground was created carefully and with patience by people who, like you, live for the Electronic Dance Music. That’s why you will find our platform to be a valuable resource for your career.

Why We Made EDMground?

The main problem that was occurring in the past years within the EDM scene is that many artists or venues, for example, couldn’t break through and present themselves to the world. As a result, there was a blank space, a void caused by the fact that people had no means of easily connecting to each other, reaching out to some major labels, and so on. Hence, some great ideas were shelved and never put into motion.

We wanted to put an end to that and give the opportunity to any forward-thinking individual to express themselves and help EDM to evolve. After years of searching for the right solution, our team devised a platform that would be simple, efficient and reliable. Finally, we gave you the means. We gave you EDMground. With it, you will be able to choose your own path to success.

Why Should You Use EDMground?

You’ve always wanted to be signed by a major label, but never really had the chance to contact them and show them your music. Or you’ve always wanted to play an allnighter in that cool downtown club but you’ve never managed to reach out to the manager. Now you will. EDMground is the solution. This platform is the answer. EDMground is a powerful tool that will help you connect with everyone in the EDM industry in a few simple steps.

How Do You Become a Part of Our Network?

The process of joining our ever-growing community is simple. Firstly, you will have to register an account. Your next step will be to use our highly optimized search bar. After you find the desired result, all you have to do is to upgrade your account and get the exclusive contact information.

Join Our Dance to Success

EDMground is groundbreaking and will help you explore venues, artists, DJs, producers, clubs, labels and many more. Above all, you will feel like you are in the epicenter of the EDM industry, and everything will be one click away.

EDMground gives you a life-changing opportunity to have a direct contact with the top names in the industry. That includes major labels, producers and venues. Therefore, with EDMground, you finally have the opportunity to present those accumulated ideas to the right people.

How much time have you wasted wondering how to reach out to someone or something that can be vital to your career? Stop worrying about how to land your next gig or which artist would be willing to play at your venue. Instead, join our growing community and connect with people who are ready to write the history of Electronic Dance Music with you.

Finally, always remember: P.L.U.R. is the foundation of raving. EDMground is the foundation of connection.

Meet EDMcoins

EDMcoins serve as the digital currency of EDMground. Anyone with an account on EDMground can buy the coins and each coin can be used to view one contact listing. The account of these coins appear on your user dashboard. Members can buy multiple packages at the same time, and, they’ve to choose the package they’d like to spend from when viewing the listings.

EDMcoins come in 3 paid packages to suit your needs – 30 EDMcoins at €4,99, 100 EDMcoins at €9,99 and, unlimited EDMcoins at €29,99 . And to put a big smile on your face, you can try us out risk-free with our trial of 5 free EDMcoins. However, EDMcoins can’t be refunded or transferred to another account as of now.

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