Dead Trigger 2 Apk v1.8.19 (MOD Menu) 2022

Genre Action
Size 501M
Version 1.8.19
MOD Info MOD Menu
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Last Updated 31 October 2022 (5 months ago)
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There is a specific audience who loves to play zombie games; if you are one of them, I have some good news for you. Madginger has launched the second version of the dead trigger, and you can download the dead trigger 2 mod apk now.

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Introduce About Dead Trigger 2

Madginger published the first version of the game, and now the game’s sequel has been released. If you have enjoyed playing the first part, you’ll love this second version too.

Dead Trigger 2 Apk

Your goal is the same to kill zombies, but in the second version, they have added some new twists. You get more guns, battlefields, war scenarios, and tournaments in the game.

If we talk about the game plot, it was designed for a pandemic that started in 2012, making all human beings into zombies, and they keep attacking others to spread it. You have got the role of stopping them and saving the world in the game.

Regions & Battlefields

There are many regions and battlefields in the game that you can explore. To be specified, the number of areas in the game is 10, and you get 33 battlefields. It would be best to unlock all these regions and battlefields by continuously playing the game. You have one work in all these regions: to save the world from zombies.

Many Weapons

The game provides you with different gun weapons, and you can use that to kill weapons. There are pistols, SMG, Miniguns, Rocket launchers, shotguns, etc., and you get 70 types of guns in the game.

Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk All Weapons Unlocked

You also get melee weapons, which you can use when you are short of bullets. If we list the names of the melee weapons, you get Wrench, Bats, Hammers, Karana, Swords, Chainsaw, and Machetes. Use all these weapons and save the world from zombies.

War Scenarios

You have a great chance to experience the war scenario in the game. The game has over 600 scenarios that you can experience. All this gameplay also has an intensive storytelling campaign. Usually, zombie games don’t provide these many war scenarios as dead trigger 2. 


The game has two types of controls; one is a touch control, and another one is an enhanced virtual joystick. So, select anywhere you are comfortable; you can change the controls later in the game. This game probably has the best FPS controls of any other zombie game.


The most exciting part of the game is the tournaments it conducts every week. You can participate in the tournaments to win various rewards from the game. The games organize tournaments in beautiful places, and you can compete with real-time players in the game.

Introduce Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

With all the features mentioned above, dead trigger 2 has become one of the most popular games. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you should try it now. I am sure you’ll get engaged in the game.

But the original game has some limitations, so you can download the dead trigger 2 mod apk, giving you complete freedom to experience all the unlocked features.

Mod Features Of Dead Trigger 2 Apk

The original version is freely available on the play store but has certain limitations. But, after a few levels, you can’t upgrade your guns with the rewards anymore as it’ll ask you for money.

Dead Trigger 2 Apk Unlimited Money and Gold

If you don’t have money, you can’t complete the level anymore. Keeping the issue in mind, we developed a Dead Trigger 2 that you can use to play the game continuously without spending a single penny.

Unlimited Ammo

In the original version, you get out of ammo, so you need to repurchase ammo using the money you earn by completing each level. The dead trigger 2 mod apk has unlimited ammo that you can use to kill all the zombies coming your way.

Unlimited Money

Earning money in the game is challenging, as you only get it when you cross a level. With the mod apk, you get unlimited money that you can use to purchase various guns and weapons, and ammo in the game.

Download Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk for Android 2022

If you like to play zombie games, then the dead trigger 2 mod apk is your best option. You’ll get different battlefields, guns, weapons, and other things inside the game. You have to play the game and unlock every feature, which will surely take months.

But, if you want to experience all the features of the game, then you can download the dead trigger 2 apk by clicking the download button on this page. This mod has all the features unlocked and unlimited money that you can use inside the game to purchase anything.

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