Choices Mod Apk v2.9.8 (Unlimited Keys & Diamonds) 2023

App Name Choices: Stories You Play
Genre Simulation
Size 80M
Version 2.9.8
MOD Info Unlimited Keys
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Last Updated 19 December 2022 (3 months ago)
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Interactive story games always give pleasure to play and excite for the end. So, Choices mod apk is a game of the same genre that can entertain with its stories.

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Introduce about Choices: Stories You Play

This game has been in the business for quite a long time, as Pixelberry launched it in 2016. Over the years, it has added many stories making the game more exciting and providing users with much more to explore. It’s popular because of its features, and currently, it has over 50 million downloads on the play store. People give positive feedback about the game; as a result, it has a rating of 4.1 stars.

Besides having different stories, you can explore and perform many things in the game. Knowing all its features will help you get a clear idea about the game.

Many Stories

The game’s sole is the story, and you’ll find many exciting stories. The best part is that it updates the story collection weekly. 

You’ll get many stories of different genres, such as horror, comedy, drama, magic, reality, etc. This game allows you to select any story you want randomly or in order and play it.

All the stories are interesting and will surely make you curious about what will happen next in the story. So, you won’t get bored playing a story, and in case you get annoyed, you can instantly switch to another story.

Some of the most popular stories in the game are – The Freshman, The Crown & The Flame, Perfect Match, Bloodbound, and High School Story.

The Freshman is a college drama based on Hartfeld University. You’ll meet new people here, make friends and find true love. 

The Crown & The Flame is about enemies who stole your kingdom, and as a hero, you have to raise an army, make strategies and reclaim it.

Perfect Match allows you to sign up for the matchmaking services of Eros. You have to master the dating game by keep playing it continuously. This story will surely make you fall in love with its mystery love story.

Bloodbound is a vampire thriller where you start the story after applying for a job to the CEO Adrian Raines.

High School Story asks you to make friends and find love in your new school.

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It’s easy to play the game as there’s nothing much to do. You select a story according to your choice and play the main protagonist in it.

The game’s story keeps moving according to the choices you make. So, always be aware of making the right decisions, as your decisions can lead to a different end.

Being in a story gives you various options, and you must select any. Your next character’s move will depend on your selected option and react to you.

Sometimes it’ll be hard for you to make decisions as the emotional factors will be emphasized on them. The ending of a story might surprise you with the result.

This simple gameplay can immerse you in the gameplay and make you curious about the result.

Customize Character

You can also customize the in-game characters in the game so that they look perfect in a situation.

You can fully customize your character in the game. It allows you to change your skin color and change tone. You get many clothes here that you can make your character wear. The hairstyle completely changes the appearance, so you should consider changing it.

Your appearance and looks should be appropriate to where you’re going or currently in. For example, wear fashionable outfits when attending events, such as sorority rush. When you’re in the battle to reclaim your kingdom wear powerful armor. If you’re going to school or university, give your character a simple look.

Good Graphics

Graphics are an important factor in a game and can immerse the users in the gameplay. 

This game doesn’t have great-quality graphics but good enough to match your needs. 

The colors are used perfectly in the game so that users can quickly identify each object.

The design of each in-game character is cute, and if you play it for a long time, you’ll surely fall in love with it.

The text design is also appreciable as the font changes as the game progress.

It also has beautiful background music that matches the story and will undoubtedly engage in it.

MOD Version of Choices VIP Apk

If you’re fond of playing story games and searching for the same Choices, it can fulfill your desire. You’ll find all the elements in the game that you look for in this type of game.

But, to play every story in it, you need to buy them with real money, and everyone will think twice before spending money on a game. To help you save money, we made the molded version of the game that you can use to play any story you want.

Before downloading the app on your device, it’ll be better to check out what it provides in detail.


Unlimited Keys and Diamonds: This version provides unlimited keys and diamonds that you can use to buy any story and play it in the game.

Download Choices Mod Apk for Android 2023

Choices are one of the best story-based games available in the market. You’ll get all the features you ask for in this game, such as interactive stories. The game’s main feature is that you get tons of stories of different genres, and you can play any according to your mood.

You can customize your character in the game and provide a great appearance and look that suits the situation. The simplistic graphics help you observe different characters. The game has simple controls, so you don’t need to practice much to master it. Altogether the game is a complete package of entertainment and can immerse you in the gameplay.

If you want to play your desired story, you can download the modified version from the page that provides unlimited keys and diamonds, which you can use to purchase any story from the in-game store.

People also ask (FAQ)

Below, we will answer some of the questions asked by users of Choices Mod Apk Unlimited Keys and Diamonds 2023. We have cleared almost everything in the article, but these questions remain, so we think we should answer them here.

Are Choices Apk Mod Safe to Use??

Yes, it’s 100% safe and secure to use these Choices MOD Apk. You can enjoy this mod game without worrying about your android hang or similar things.

Will I Get The Choices Mod Apk Unlimited Keys and Diamonds 2023?

Yes, everything is unlimited in this Choices: Stories You Play MOD Apk. As we know, keys play an important role in unlocking new stories; therefore, we give you unlimited keys and diamonds in this mod.

What is the latest version of Choices Mod Apk?

This Choices mod version is 2.9.8, the same as the play store’s latest version.

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Please update to version 2.9.7
Reply -
I downloaded the recent file for choices and its unlimited diamonds. thanks :)
Reply -
True, I appreciate having unlimited diamonds but unfortunately the unlimited keys dosent seem to work:(
Reply -
does it actually work? can someone let me know?
Reply -
Hi, the unlimited diamond works, but the keys are very much limited had to wait 3 hours for one key. Hopefully u can update this?
Reply -
Hi, I read that the mod is for unlimited keys as well. But I've only been given diamonds. Don't get me wrong I looooove the diamonds, but I'd love the keys waiting for 3 hrs kind of sucks... Any way you think I can get Choices Mod Apk Unlimited Keys?
Reply -
Lemme know if u find keys and diamonds mod
Reply -
I cant get unlimited keys....the choices are free, but the keys are not there... I have to wait for the timer to to get unlimited keys??
Reply -
There isnt any unlimited keys, the diamonds are working but the keys stay limited
Reply -
The unlimited key did not work. But it is still great that all diamond choices are unlock.
Reply -
I really love that it has unlimited diamonds however the keys are not. Maybe a hint or additional info on how to get Choices Mod Apk unlimited keys, please? Thanks!
Reply -