6 Netflix Error Codes and How to Fix Them [Smart TV & Android TV]

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You came to this site it means you are a user of NetFlix. I can also assume that you are facing some issues or Netflix Error Code while using your Netflix Account.

Here in this post, I have shared every problem or error that frequently occurs during using Netflix. I also have provided possible solutions in easy steps. Find what error you facing below with their solution.

In this article, we have covered 6 Netflix Error Codes and Netflix Site Errors frequently occurring in Netflix. So read the full post and get a handsome solution.

6 Netflix Error Codes and How to Fix Them

6 Netflix Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Netflix is one of the largest video streaming services where you can watch movies and Web series. However, sometimes, it shows some errors or error codes that stop you in your tracks.
Here is the list of different errors with solutions.

1. Error Code 11800

If you are experiencing a 11800 error in Netflix and getting this message :

A problem occurred while playing this item. Try again later, or select a different item. Go to www.netflix.com/support for more information.


Cannot play the title. Please try again later.

You will see this Netflix Error 11800 when there is a problem with the playback of that selected content on a mobile phone.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 11800

If you are facing this error then you can solve this error easily. The easiest way to fix this error is to restart your device. No matter your device is an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

This will clear out any old information used by the Netflix app and allow you to reload your content. If these steps do not work and still facing the error, then you need to update the Netflix app.
Go to Your App Store and update it.

2. Netflix Error Code M7111-1331

If you experience the error code M7111-1331 on your computer, it typically points that you are accessing Netflix from a browser, specifically from Chrome Browser. This error comes when you are using a link to a page that no longer exists.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1331

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

  • To fix this, go directly to www.netflix.com. or
  • Try disabling browser extensions to fix the error.

3. Netflix Error Code 10013

If Netflix shows this message :
There was a problem with this download. (10013)

This error code arises when you are using the Netflix app while connected to a VPN or proxy and are trying to download an episode or movie.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 10013

To fix this issue, Just disconnect/disable your VPN or proxy. Once it is disabled, you’ll be able to download your content as normal.

If you face this issue even after disabling VPN then restart your phone. You will be able to download content as normal.

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4. Netflix Error Code F7111-5059

This error occurs when you try to access Netflix from a browser with a connected VPN, Proxy, or an “Unblocker” Service.

There are certain contents available in Netflix which is only made for certain regions or certain countries, and Netflix allows only those who belong to that Region or Country as it restricts users from accessing content from outside of their home country.

So When you use a VPN Or proxy Netflix System detects and thinks that you are trying to access those restricted or country-based contents by sitting in another country.

You will not be able to stream country-based movies and TV shows when connected in this way. This is the reason you cannot safely connect to Netflix with VPN.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code F7111-5059

If you really using a VPN or Proxy while accessing Netflix. Disable VPN or other software that is routing your internet traffic outside of your current region.

Disconnect/disable or Remove VPN or Proxy software from your computer before visiting the Netflix website through the browser.

You have disabled VPN, other routing software, Or didn’t even connect a VPN but still see this error message?

Just contact your internet service provider. and tell them the full story so that They will be able to determine why this happening with your IP address.

But you should Restart your computer before visiting the Internet Service provider.

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5. Netflix Error Code (AVF:11800;OS:42800;)

If you are seeing this error in iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android Device :

This title can no longer be watched offline. (AVF:11800;OS:42800;)

It means your downloaded file is removed from your file and it needs to refresh once.

On the Netflix app, you can save/download episodes or movies to your device to watch when you don’t have internet access.

However, sometimes when you download episodes and open them without the internet unfortunately see this error saying, “This title can no longer be watched offline. (AVF:11800;OS:42800;).”

This means that your downloaded file is corrupted or the original file is moved or removed from your device. You are trying to watch a corrupted file.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code (AVF:11800;OS:42800;)

You have downloaded an episode to watch it later and getting errors when you trying to play.

It means you have deleted the Netflix folder from your file manager Unfortunately there is no way to fix this. but if you have a file in Recycle bin. Just restore the file and try to refresh on App.

However, these steps do not work much time (try your luck before doing the steps given below).
And the only solution is to download the file again.

To download the file again first remove the file title from the download history. to do this :

1. Go to the Downloads section of the app
(click on the three-line icon at the bottom side of the app or tap the menu icon and select My Downloads.)

2. Now tap the Edit button from the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Select the file which is not working and tap the red X icon just ahead to delete it.

4. Now download the file again to watch without any error.

You will not be able to watch it without downloading it again because the main file is moved or removed from your file.

6. Netflix “Network Error” or Error NW-2-5/NW-3-6

When there is no Internet connection available but still you open Netflix App, You will see this message “Network Error”. This can also happen with a WiFi network.

If you have slow-speed internet then sometimes you will receive the same error because they face troubles connecting your account to their server.

How to Fix Netflix “Network Error” or Error NW-2-5/NW-3-6

Just connect your device with a working and high-speed internet connection and open Netflix again (If you are in the browser, just reload the page).

Still, getting this error even after connecting to the Internet? This may be a problem with your internet provider. Call them to solve this issue.

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Above we have mentioned 6 frequently occurring errors (6 Netflix Error Codes) with their working solutions. All of the codes mentioned above indicate a network connectivity issue or errors.

Using those tips, you will be able to fix the most common Netflix error codes on mobile devices, smart TVs, and web browsers (including the “Chrome components” error).

If you are facing other errors than listed above. Feel free to ask us. Comment your error below so that we can find a better solution for that. Hope this post helped you a lot. Share this wonderful article with your mates.

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