Best GFX Tool For BGMI Mod Apk v35.5.1 (Premium Unlocked) 2024

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Version 35.5.1
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Last Updated 6 October 2023 (2 months ago)
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It’s always hard to get a good gaming experience on low-end devices, but GFX Tool for BGMI will help you play the game with high-quality graphics.

Introduce about GFX Tool for BGMI

CornerDesk Inc. launched the app in 2021 and has gained popularity since then. Although the app is paid to download, over 50 thousand people have downloaded it on their devices.

It offers many features allowing users to improve their gaming experience, so before downloading it on your device, check out everything it does.

Change Resolution

Screen Resolution shows the number of pixels your device’s screen will display. It’s important to enhance video viewing or game-playing quality.

But different devices have different resolutions, and it’s hard to find the correct GFX Tool for PUBG & BGMI. This app supports all the resolutions and can change any whenever you want.

So, this app will support all devices with different resolutions.

Improve Graphics

It’s important to have good graphics quality that will help you see the objects. But it’ll be hard to get good graphics quality if you have a low-end device.

But don’t worry if you download this app on your device; it’ll surely help you improve the graphics quality. You need to make a few changes in the app settings, and you’re good to go.

Increase FPS

Frame Rates Per Second, popularly known as FPS, is also important in gameplay. The more it gets better, the more your game runs smoothly.

But, many devices don’t support higher FPS, and they face lag while playing the game. You can use the app to increase the FPS to 90 and get a smoother experience playing the same game and performing better.

Auto Customization

Another great feature of this app is that it helps the users with auto customization of the device. If you don’t know which app consumes more RAM and cannot clear that particular app, this app is here for you.

You can use the app to stop all the background processes and free up storage and RAM to get a lag-free gaming experience.

Anti-aliasing and Shadows

If you’re watching any high-resolution image on your screen and get any defect on it, it’s called aliasing. If you constantly face aliasing while gaming on your phone, it’ll spoil your mood or worsen your gaming experience. So, you can use this app to get rid of aliasing. 

Shadows are also important; they give you a more realistic view of your game, and if your device doesn’t render shadows smoothly, it’ll not look so good. But you can use the app to get a high-quality shadow.

All Version Supported

PUBG & BGMI have various versions available in the stores. There’s a rare chance that you find the appropriate GFX tool that supports all the versions.

But this tool supports all available versions, and you can select accordingly.

It also supports multiple Android Versions and Android 11 too. So, it doesn’t matter which Android version you use; you’ll surely find yours in this tool.

Great Audio Quality

Communication is necessary for a game to discuss the next move with your team. But you need to have good audio quality while playing the game.

So, you should also have a good device, mic, and earphones for good audio transmission and communication. If you’re having a problem with your Audio Quality, you can use this app, which will help you get great audio quality.

Easy Setup

The setup process and integration with the game are easy.

Before you begin the setup process, close the game and remove it from the background. Then select the version of your game accurately. After that, you need to configure the graphics settings, which you can do according to your needs and the device’s capabilities. After setting everything, click the apply button and start playing the game.

Game Upgrade

If your game receives any updates, you may worry about finding that particular version in the app. But this app’s developers are fast enough to provide updates instantly to match your current game version.

So, after receiving the updates from the official game, update this tool to the latest version so that you can continue playing the game with high-end graphics.

Clear Interface

This app has a clear interface that even a novice can navigate various options quite easily. You’ll see all the available options on the app’s home page.

The app has a few options, and all the options are easily accessible. So, you can change the resolution, FPS, Graphics, and other styles.

MOD Version of GFX Tool for BGMI Apk

There’s no doubt in GFX Tool’s features as it’s fully capable of delivering a great gaming experience for all users.

But there’s one problem with the app, this app is paid, and you need to spend your money. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money downloading the app, I have a solution for you. We have extracted the app and made it available for you to download for free.


Premium Unlocked: The app is paid to download from the play store, but for you, we have made the app available for free.

Download the GFX Tool for BGMI for Android for free in 2024

If you want to improve your PUBG or BGMI gaming experience, the GFX Tool for BGMI is the perfect solution. It has all the features that help you improve your gaming quality, even on low-end devices. You can enhance the graphics quality so that you can notice every object.

This app also has FPS settings that help you run the game smoothly. This app automatically removes and closes all the background apps, so the game becomes lag-free. It also improves the audio quality and improves your communication with your teammates. The best part of the app is that it has an easy interface, and you can easily set up the app.

You know that the app is paid and asks you for money before you can download it. To help you with that, I have shared the app on this page; you can download it on your device for free.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Below, we will answer some of the questions asked by users of Gfx Tool For BGMI. We have cleared almost everything in the article, but still, these questions remain, so we think we should answer them here.

Is This Gfx Tool For BGMI Apk Latest version?

Yes, this is the latest version. And we update this post every 2 days to upload a New and Updated version of the Gfx Tool For BGMI.

How to Download Gfx Tool For BGMI Pro Apk?

Above I have mentioned everything to download Gfx Tool For BGMI latest version. Follow those steps.

Is Using Gfx Tool For BGMI Mod Apk Safe?

Gfx Tool For BGMI Mod Apk is 100% safe for Android devices. I share every modified app on edmground with various kinds of premium antivirus, and our expert team reviews the scan results. Using this app, you can be assured your privacy and security will not be compromised.

Will My PUBG Account be Banned After Installing It?

No, Provided Best Gfx Tool For BGMI is a premium and modded after some modifications. Now it has become an undetectable toolkit to scan by the official.

Download Best GFX Tool For BGMI Mod Apk v35.5.1 (Premium Unlocked) 2024

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